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Wikipedia is a website that covers many topics: from tree frogs in the rain forest, to today’s most popular celebrities. Many people turn to Wikipedia first when researching something new, and Wikipedia’s option to contribute to articles helps keep information well rounded and full.

However, even Wikipedia has it’s articles that are so bland and offer so little to the curious mind. The reason for this varies, from the topic being not widely known, to the limited access of those who do know it well. People have been noticing this when it comes to Wikipedia’s articles about indigenous peoples, as the lack of information on Native American tribes and individuals has risen to the surface. This is through no fault of their own, of course. One cannot write about what they know little of. And one cannot write about what they know so much of if they don’t have the proper resources.

This has come to many people’s attention, and Wikipedia decided what to do about it. They had set up an “edit-a-thon” in October of 2016, inviting everyone and anyone to get online and edit, add to, and make a Wikipedia page about the various indigenous peoples that make up so much of our world and it’s history. Such an event has seen success before, when Wikipedia’s female editors rose up and encouraged each other to do more for the information loaded website; providing more information about feminist movements around the world.

Aside from simply editing pre-existing articles, the site allows Wikipedia editors to also create new ones, ones detailing something not already on Wikipedia. Such could be businesses, big and small; or various people, alive or deceased. One does not have to think much on some of the basic benefits of having an article about there budding company, or their personal career. More exposure and people in the know will help you reach out more, and find more customers, viewers, commissioners, and so on.

Wikipedia page creation is one of the best ways to build up a reputation, as most Wikipedia articles will be objective and strictly fact-based; allowing people to see the basis of what you are, and learning the story behind what you do. All that is needed from you is to contact those at Get Your Wiki to get started.


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