Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s RBS Group Is Part Of The Save The Amazon Campaign

One of Brazil’s largest media groups, the RBS Group, is known for participating in social causes. Duda Melzer, the president of RBS is not afraid to speak out about child drug abuse, road safety, and child protection. RBS started the “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” campaign in 2003. That campaign stresses the importance of childcare. The campaign is known as “O Amor é a Melhor Herança, Cuide das Crianças,” in Brazil, and the RBS marketing team developed six lovable creatures, the Bad Wolf, Witch, Headless Mule, Bogeyman, the Black Face Ox and the Devil to promote the campaign. The company used children’s stories and fairytales to bring awareness to the issue. Thanks to the “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” campaign, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and RBS are known for their social contributions all over the country.

According to, another issue needs special attention in Brazil. The Amazon rainforest is an invaluable asset because of the biodiversity that exists in that part of the country. But the rainforest is disappearing due to agricultural and economic development. If the Amazon changes from a vast ecosystem, to farm land void of trees, the Earth will change faster, and the health and climate of the planet will continue to deteriorate. Influential men like Duda Melzer are behind the push to stop the destruction of the Amazon. More than one-fifth of the rainforest has disappeared over the last 50 years.

Harvard MBA, Duda Melzer wants the Brazilian government to do more to protect the Amazon, which is the home of several tribes of indigenous people, and so does the Brazilian environmental agency.

Melzer is known for managing the vast RBS media empire. But Duda is also a skilled marketer and businessman. The RBS Group is the largest media group in the South of Brazil. For more information, check out


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