Cameron Clokie’s Jump from Dental Surgeon to Regenerative Medicine

During his time as a dental surgeon, Cameron Clokie learned a lot about the mouth and the way that it worked. One thing that he was always trying to figure out is exactly how the mouth was able to regenerate certain parts more easily than the rest of the body was able to do.

He always suspected that it had something to do with the high-moisture environment but he wanted to learn more about the things that the mouth could do. It inspired him to do more with the body and to learn more about the way that the body worked in that way. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

Cameron Clokie began doing more research and less work as a maxillofacial surgeon because he was so interested in the healing prospect that could come from the same options if they were applied to a different part of the body. He knew that the body was capable of regeneration but also that he would have to learn more about it to make it happen.

Cameron Clokie began doing research out of his Toronto office. He learned a lot about the different aspects of medicine and the way that the mouth really worked. It made things easier for him to be able to learn what was going on. It was also something that made it easier for him to be able to get exactly what he needed out of the research process. It took a long time but Cameron Clokie eventually learned what he needed to be able to apply it to different areas of the body.

Now that he has learned the right way that different things work with the body and the way that it can regenerate parts if the right conditions are in place, he is applying the principles to regenerative medicine.

He is helping people to regrow bones and other tissue that they may have lost as a result of a surgery, cancer or even any type of accident. Cameron Clokie plans on making sure that he can continue growing this aspect of medicine and that it will one day be the norm that is used to help people who have lost parts of their bone or other body parts.

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