InnovaCare Health – Leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plans

The executive team that is responsible for the overall success of the company has many years of experience in the clinical care industry. Dr. Richard Shinto is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. He was the Chief Medical Officer of Aveta, a healthcare provider, before they sold in 2012. He worked for them from 2008-2012. He also worked as the Chief Operation Officer for NAMM and Medical Pathways Management Company. He worked for Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California after his tenure. Prior to becoming the CEO of many different companies, he was a practicing internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. He has also written many healthcare and medical articles. Dr. Shinto received his B.S. degree from the University of California and his medical degree from the State University of New York. He received his M.B.A from the University of Redlands.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs. They have been in the healthcare industry for many years, and understand how complex each plan can be. There are many rules and regulations that each plan must follow. Their dedicated and highly educated staff is there to help you make the best decision for your health. The patient always comes first at InnovaCare Health. They focus their organization around building strong patient –provider relationships. They work to make sure each plan is managed properly to provide coordinated, cost-effective and innovative healthcare. They utilize cutting edge technology to ensure that patient relations and the overall quality are kept to a high standard. Visit to know more about Innova Care.

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. She started with the company in 2015 and brings many years of experience to the business. She has served as the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare and Aveta prior to it selling. Her experience resides in the government programs and the managed care industry. She brings a lot of experience in clinical programs and certain processes within the organization used to improve the company. Prior to working for InnovaCare, she was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare. While working there, she was responsible for overseeing the management and direction of the division. Kokkinides received her bachelor’s degree in biological science from Binghamton University. She has a master’s degree in social work from New York University and another master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health.

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