The Fight to put a Cap in Political Funding in the US Elections by End Citizen United is Winning More Support

Although political discussions take center stage in most American families, sometimes very few of the participants are aware of the war being waged by the PAC known as End Citizen United to stop excessive spending in political campaigns. The action group forms a remarkable feature of American politics due to the stance it has taken against the syndicate of wealthy individuals who are out to control the politics in the US at all costs. The PAC mainly focuses on gaining grassroots support so that when elections are held, the candidates it supports can vouch for changes in the laws governing political campaign funding.


It is no secret that the interests harbored by some wealthy Americans do not really address the serious concerns of the voters. The dark and dirty money that the rich individuals throw behind certain legislation is meant to advance their selfish interests and not that of the majority voters. Consequently, End Citizen United was formed in March, 2015 to help restore sanity in the way elections are conducted in the US. Although in the recent past there have been claims that the organization is raising even more money than the political donors it is fighting, the organizers of the committee are quick to point out that the enormous contributions the organization is getting in funding just goes to show that it enjoys wide and popular support from ordinary people.


The way money is channeled into carrying out campaigns by the millionaires and billionaires is not healthy for democracy because they hound right candidates out of competitive politics by pushing ahead with their own dark and dirty agenda. It is does not do justice to the democratic principles for rich entrepreneurs, and corporate business magnates to influence the cause of politics as they wish just because they can afford to pay for campaigns and sponsor candidates of their choice


The war End Citizen United is fighting aims to sponsor pro-reform Democratic Congress men and Senators so that they can fight to introduce legislation that curbs excessive funding for political activities. And since it is mainly supported by grassroots donors who number millions, the PAC is now receiving large amounts of money. Right now its support base exceeds 100,000 supporters who donate money for the election of Democrats. However, there are some supports who are against the huge amount of money the group is raising because that is not different from the corrupt practices of the people they are fighting against. For instance, in 2018, End Citizen United will sponsor the candidature of Democratic Senators from Ohio and Michigan. If the move succeeds, then the PAC will find justification for the funds it is getting presently.

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