That Moment When I Realized That I Was Hacked

I recently found myself in what I’d assumed to be a rare and worrisome situation. I’d brought the entire house to my side by screaming “I was hacked” at the top of my lungs. It’s not hard to guess what that meant.


While trying to understand what happened I found out some shocking facts. Apparently cybersecurity is becoming a huge issue. Over 300,000 ransomware related crimes occurred with the recent WannaCry attack. That’s obviously quite a few people yelling “I was hacked” at their household (YahooFinance).


I didn’t want to continue being a hacking statistic. Or, rather, I wanted to be among the people who’d found a way to protect themselves. It turned out to be far easier than I’d thought thanks to something called Rubica.


Rubica is a service that’s easy to use, but also amazingly powerful. The real secret to Rubica is that it’s essentially putting a whole team of cybersecurity experts on the watch for any sign of a problem. All I had to do was install the program on my internet connected devices. It starts up a monitoring service which looks for any kind of suspicious activity. This is typically things that users wouldn’t notice, but cybersecurity experts would instantly recognize as an attack. Before even I could yell I was hacked there’d be no need to do so. Rubica would recognize the problem far before I did and ensure that the cybersecurity threat never even gained hold on my computer in the first place.


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