Longevity, Authenticity, and Winning Are Sweetgreen’s Core Values

Sweetgreen is a business that was invented by three Georgetown University students called Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The three, who were 2007 business school grandaunts in 2007, had one thing in common: they loved eating healthy food. Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Nicholas could not stand junk food unlike many of their age mates.

As a result, they had a great problem identifying healthy eating joints in Georgetown and they would most times cook their own food instead of buying in hotels. Their ideal eating joint was supposed to be fun, healthy and easy, and they could not locate it.

As business students, the three had been taught that whenever they noticed a gap in the market, they could come up with a business idea. The three felt that there must be other people like them who could not find ideal eating joints.

Consequently, they birthed the idea of Sweetgreen, which by then they decided to call greens. However, with time, they decided to call the business Sweetgreen, which is its name up to now.


The main problem was finding a location since the three did not have finances or an idea of a vacant shop. They identified a tavern on M street and called the owner, asking if it was possible for them to run their business there. Read more:

The landlord was not impressed with the idea, and she the phone on them. However, they continued calling her, and for three months she refused to pick their calls. However, one day, she changed her mind and met them.

They explained their idea to her and their enthusiasm must have impressed her. She told them to come up with a serious business plan and look for an architect and investors for their business. The three met the three requirements within three weeks and the business was started.

Corporate culture

Sweetgreen is founded on several core values. The first one is win win win, whereby the first win stands for the company, the second the customers, and the third the community. The management decided that every decision must look into the interests of the three stakeholders and give them satisfaction.

The other core value is sustainability, whereby the managers make every decision with the intention of being sustainable. As much as the short-term matters, they focus more on the long term effect, wanting the firm decisions to outlive them.

The third core value is keeping it real, whereby the management believes in authenticity other than copying what is done in other cafes.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:



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