Why Future Entrepreneurs Should Emulate Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is the co-founder and managing partner at Axiom Venture Capital. He also leads the following three sections of the company: merger & acquisitions, corporate finance, and consulting. Axiom provides corporate finance to film and TV companies. Jaeger is often quoted saying that the idea to start Axiom Venture Capital arose from one of their projects, Axiom Pictures—whose sole purpose was to finance films. Jaeger states that Axiom Pictures enabled him to understand the needs of various companies hoping to enter the entertainment space. TV and film firms joining the entertainment industry are focused on developing a broad range of products for their customers; none of the companies is willing to concentrate on a single product. Jaeger studied the needs of the entertainment companies and saw an opportunity to provide long-term financing for the companies for whatever products they were willing to develop.

Axiom is Jaeger’s current focus, but he has had a couple of other ventures. Jaeger built his first business, Business Associates Europe, in 2007 when he was a student at Maastricht University. The business brought together university students and experienced consultants in a partnership that would require students to research portfolios of renowned companies in Netherlands and those outside of Netherlands. The consultants would, in turn, provide consulting services to corporations partly based on the information provided by the research done by the students.

Jaeger’s passion for business has stayed with him even after he departed Maastricht University. Soon after graduation, Jaeger partnered with a famous poker player and founded StrategosPoker, an online a company that trains novice poker players to become expert players. He also became the managing partner of Entrepreneur Academy. The academy aims to impart skills and abilities in aspiring entrepreneurs to improve their personal and professional outlook. Some of the academy’s graduates have developed into successful entrepreneurs in parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Jaeger is passionate about the entertainment industry. In 2002, “Thought for Food” and Jaeger made a documentary and convened a conference that showcased how technology had revolutionized the food industry. The documentary was shot in different parts of the world and has been instrumental in inspiring investors to support the role of technology in the food industry.

Jaeger often dispenses his advice about business and life to future entrepreneurs. He encourages them to believe in themselves and take risks. He adds that failure is part of an entrepreneur’s life as he failed severally before being successful.


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