Securus Technologies’ Efforts to Improve Communication in Correctional Facilities Commended

Securus Inc. is a tech company based in Cary, North Carolina that focusses on providing communication technology for correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. Securus delivers its mobile safety and security services as well as other products to it’s clients with the aim of improving the ability of inmates to communicate with their loved ones at home thus eliminating the need for prison visits. Besides providing inmate technology, Securus Technologies also provides other technological solutions for it’s market partners including software GPS solutions, various tailored hardware and devices, and machine-to-machine technology platforms.

Track, Locate, and Protect

Securus Technologies’ approach to business is largely creating partnerships with top companies in different sectors of the economy to ensure production of high-end products. Though most of the solutions created by Securus Technologies are designed for security and law enforcement, the company has a client base in the production of tech solutions designed for pets, children, people with disabilities, and college students. In general, Securus Technologies can help you out if you are looking for a technological solution meant to track, locate, and protect.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of technological solutions for civil and criminal justice for the purposes of public safety. Over the years, the company has continued to receive enormously positive comments on their inmate technology in the form of letters received from jail and prison officials. According to the CEO, Richard (“Rick”) Smith, the company’s goal is to increase safety and efficiency in our correctional facilities and reduce recidivism.


  • Securus Technologies is an awesome company who has tech solution for almost everything. According to essay have review this company has got different things covered. This I think, is a way of warding off competitors in the sector. With their high tech innovations, they have provided GPS solutions, as well as other techs designed for pets, children, and college students. There greatest achievement, is making sure that correctional facilities are safe as well as the corrections officers and visitors.

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