WAX And Malcolm CasSelle Change The Video Gaming Community

The Worldwide Asset eXchange, better known as WAX is quickly becoming one of the most important resources n the Internet for those hoping to ensure they use their Online video gaming purchases for the best possible reasons. WAX was developed by its President, Malcolm CasSelle to become the leading Online marketplace for gamers looking to make the most of the tokenization of gaming which has taken place in recent years; the need for a high-quality Online marketplace has been highlighted by the fact many video games do not have a way to sell r trade items purchased Online which are no longer required.


The WAX business model takes many different forms and includes the use of smaller groups to sell and trade items in both the digital and physical realm to increase the value and reputation of each individual guild. Malcolm CasSelle also believes the use of a range of different smaller guilds has the ability to make the world of Online transactions as legal and fair as possible; each guild within the WAX model will be rated for its reputation meaning each guild must ensure only sales conducted by the legal owner of an item are completed or risk the value of their communal goods being diminished.


Malcolm CasSelle has spent much of his career working to further the benefits and activities seen by the people of the world who are looking to take their careers and investments Online. In the early days of the digital revolution bringing the Internet into the lives of the general population, Malcolm CasSelle was a major force who invested in different groups including Facebook when they were first setting out on the path to success.


Educated at MIT and Stanford with advanced degrees in Computer Science, Malcolm CasSelle has continued to push his own career in different, unexpected directions. Not only did Malcolm CasSelle head the rise of Groupon in China but he was also responsible for sourcing funding for many of the companies bringing big data into the business world.


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