Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere, self-made cosmetics maven, is known as “Queen of the Unicorns.” Her successful brand, Lime Crime, is comprised of vibrant, magical hues meant to bring out the unique beauty of women with its bold, brave colors.


Deere’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make her own dreams come true. Born and raised in Russia, Deere moved to New York City when she was seventeen. She always dreamed big, and her first big dream was to make a name for herself as a songwriter and performer. Always interested in style and fashion, Deere shifted her focus to makeup but credits her time in music with teaching her the finer points of marketing and promotion. When launching Lime Crime in 2008, Deere noted that she was having a difficult time finding the bright and unusual colors in an era of a more “natural” look. Following her own quest for more exciting colors made Lime Crime the success it is today.


Lime Crime is primarily sold through its website. This business strategy reflects Deere’s focus on Generation Z, and her desire to market her products to this first fully digital generation. Deere was told that she “never would be successful selling lipstick online.” After all, traditionally, consumers have relied on the cosmetics counter to try before they buy. Trusting herself, Deere forged ahead, turning the challenges of e-commerce into innovations, many that have become standards of this thriving sales platform.


Deere’s business style reflects her belief that collaboration and always listening are the keys to success. Her husband is a fellow musician, and she learned the value of working together when the creative couple were in the same NYC band. Today, she listens to everyone involved in Lime Crime: her employees, her customers, and even those that don’t always share her point of view.


In addition to providing customers with the tools they need to become their own “unicorns,” Deer’s Lime Crime brand can be seen as cosmetics with a conscience. The brand’s website lists the charities they support, with a focus on charities that help the vulnerable in our world: women, children, and animals. And, for those who those who take their concern for animals to the next level, Lime Crime is certified  vegan and cruelty free. Learn more:

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