Bruno Fagali Trusted Lawyer In Brazil

Bruno Fagali has had a very successful career as a lawyer and continues to be one of the topmost lawyers in Brazil. Over the years, Bruno Fagali has handled many high profile cases in Brazil successfully for his clients, which includes senior politicians, corporate companies, public figures, and more.

Bruno Fagali has received his degree in law from the University of Sao Paulo, which is one of the most reputed universities in the country. Bruno Fagali is considered an expert on anti-corruption issues, administrative law, state law, mergers, and acquisitions, advising compensation committee, ethics, and regulatory law.

Bruno Fagali feels that it is necessary for the lawyer to stay aware of what is happening in the field of law. Being updated with the new amendments is necessary for the lawyers to fight the cases they are representing. Bruno Fagali not only keeps track of what is going on in the field of law but also writes about it and shares his opinion on his blog. Bruno Fagali recently wrote an article on alcohol advertising guidelines and the recent ruling of the court. The court stated that it is essential for the advertisers to say in the ad that alcohol is injurious to health and that the advertisement should not be appealing to the audience or trigger the urge to drink alcohol. Bruno Fagali says that even though these rulings were there earlier, the latest modifications in the advertising law for alcohol would help in ensuring that the advertisers doest stray around the rules.

Bruno Fagali comes from a humble background and after working for several law firms started his first law firm by the name of Fagali Advocacy in a small room with limited capital. However, in just a few years, Fagali Advocacy has become a significant name in the field of law in the country, which is handling cases of many large companies and public figures. Bruno Fagali is also the marketing manager at the Nova/sb which is a marketing firm. Bruno Fagali has made a tremendous name for himself in Brazil and continued to be a name one can trust in the field of law.

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