Paul Wesley

Screen and stage actor Paul Wesley is an American actor from the state of New Jersey. For the past few years, he starred in the TV series, “The Vampire Diaries.” During his time on television, he also further solidified his acting role in three films: “Samira and Sam”, “Before I Disappear”, and “Cal in Camo.”
paul wesley
In “Amira and Sam”, directed by Sean Mullins, Wesley plays the role of a family relative. The story is about a couple who are facing the issue of deportation as one is an immigrant. In the cinematic drama, “Before I Disappear”, Wesley plays the role of a boss or supervisor to a man who is facing a low point in his life. Issues are compounded for this gentleman when his estranged sister contacts him with a family request.
paul wesley

In “Cal in Camo”, which Wesley both produces with Shawn Christensen, and plays a lead role as Flynt, he has plenty of creativity with this character portrayal. Flynt is spending time with his sister and her husband after losing his wife. All three are in crisis mode, and Flynt serves to be the catalyst, which unifies conditions. Wesley says he welcomed this opportunity to act as well as produce this film with his colleague.

Wesley got his start in front of a camera during his teen years. He played on a soap opera produced in Brooklyn. One of his first live theater shows to attend was “The Lion King.” In the early days of acting, he says self-consciousness was a major issue. Wesley would choose as his preferred movie role, one in which the character is not the hero and exhibits some personal flaws.
paul wesley
Wesley sees himself aging gracefully. He mingles with the public in work situations, but prefers to stay home with someone significant viewing a television program with them on the sofa. Though not kicked out of hotels, he does admit to being kicked out of a few high schools during his adolescence.paul wesley

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