The pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The complaints against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who easily fill a mini library. This so-called toughest sheriff in America had developed a perchant for racially profiling and in so doing targeting the Hispanic community in his raids against illegal immigration.

The sheriff would conduct this raids on businesses owned by the community members as well as any suspected of hiring any illegal immigrants. His antics would draw the interest of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and when he announced a movement asking the president to produce his birth certificate sheriff Arpaio was one of his staunchest supporters.

This support from the sheriff would continue and he would especially become vocal when the rallying call for trump became “build a wall.” The wall was Trumps way of preventing Mexicans from illegally crossing over into the united states.

The sheriff who had also been accused of profiling Hispanics had just found an ally, he would become greatly admired by Trump and it thus came as no surprise when the president handed him his first presidential pardon long before he was sentenced.

The justice system was already in his favour and despite having disobeyed a court order, the sheriff would have faced a maximum of six months in jail a possibility that was already perceived as far-fetched.

The justice system was already being lenient to a man who had overseen the death, torture and beatings of inmates. In his entire career as a sheriff he had gotten away with much, and now he was about to be set free by the same laws that he purportedly protected and manipulated to fit his style of law enforcement at times trying to intimidate and investigate judges who would be presiding over his civil cases.

Lacey and Larkin had no good words when this travesty of justice took place, and for them, it was still another stack reminder of the need to make foolproof checks and balances that would prevent men like Joe Arpaio from misusing their power in the guise of law enforcement.

The sheriff had a known personal vendetta against the two for publishing of an article about his real estate dealings that were both astonishing and incomprehensible for a man who had been a public officer for almost his entire life. The duo would then be arrested by the sheriff in August of 2007, they were thrown in unmarked cars and driven into separate jails as the sheriff deliberated on his next move.

This would turn out to one of the biggest mistakes that he ever committed. The condemnation came in thick and swift from the New York Times to the Washington post everyone in media, and the general public were on his case.

The sheriff quickly rescinded his decision and set the two free and together with his district attorney dropped all the charges that had been heaped on them. The sheriff had just learned a lesson by fire; the first amendment right was not a negotiable right but one that the country was willing to go all in to fight for.


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