Securus Technologies Announce Drone Detection Capabilities

Securus Technologies has earned the honor of being named one the leading providers of technology enabled solutions for law enforcement, public safety and corrections. And, are introducing active pilot programs utilizing drone detection technology designed to combat threats in jails and prisons from drone devices.

Correction officials have reported finding evidence that inmates and their accomplices are using drones to deliver drugs, cell phones, weapons, pornography and illegal contraband onto the grounds of correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has thoroughly evaluated the technology of detecting drones and preventing them from reaching the grounds of correctional facilities.

Drone detection technology uses a DAS infrastructure to detect and prevent drones from entering correction facilities. Drones in the correction facilities is a serious safety threat to the corrections officers as well as the inmates, who could be harmed by the contraband the drones are delivering.

Drones are all-encompassing for utility inspections, photography and other applications, however according to public safety officials, they have become a major threat at correctional facilities across the country. Combatting this threat, Securus Technologies has triumphantly announced the completion of their pilot programs designed to use drone detection technology for preventing drones from delivering contraband to the prisons.

It has been reported that drones have been used in over a dozen attempts to transport contraband into correctional facilities within the past five years. Securus personnel have been working hand in hand for more than 18 months with their technology partners in effort to determine the correct engineering, installation and implementation of the drone detecting pilot programs.

Securus Technologies has won the Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training Department. The Stevie Awards are the highest honor for customer service and sales professionals. They organize the International Business Awards SM and American Business Awards SM. Securus Technologies was honored with this award at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, with hundreds of executives attending from around the world.

The Stevie Awards are presented to Securus technologies for focusing on serving and connecting over 3450 law enforcement and correctional facilities by providing incident management, communication, emergency response, investigation, inmate services, public information and monitoring services and products to make the world safer. Securus Technologies has earned recognition for outstanding performances and excellence in sales and customer service.

The Stevie Awards recognized Securus Technologies for taking threats of safety corrections officers and inmates seriously. The ongoing regularity of drone incidents is a demonstration of the level of innovation and initiative that is being used to circumvent the correctional facilities security measures for delivering contraband to the inmates. Drone detection technology is a scalable solution to protecting inmates and corrections officers from the potential dangers of drone deliveries onto the correctional facility properties.


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