Dr. Saad’s Contribution to the Palestinian Community

Dr. Saad Saad lives and works in Eatontown, New Jersey as a surgeon. He is an accomplished and well-known pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad is affiliated with many hospitals around New Jersey. Some of the hospitals he is allied with are Monmouth Medical Center, in Long Branch Campus and Shore University Medical Center. He began his medical career by acquiring his medical degree in Cairo University School of Medicine in 1971. After the completion of his undergraduate medical degree, he then started his medical career. He has been practicing his skills for more than 20 years currently. His expertise and skill in the area of pediatric and thoracic surgery make him the most sought-after doctor by humanitarian groups, other doctors, and even the Saudi royal family. He is also a part of the Jersey Shore University Medical Center medical team and one of the 27 doctors at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.
In both medical centers, he specializes as a surgeon. The highlight of his career was the three surgeries he performed on the Palestine children in the USA. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund in 2012 approached Dr. Saad Saad. PCRF is a non-profit, non-political organization that addresses the medical needs of the Arab children in the Middle East. The organization was founded in the year 1991. They needed a doctor who would perform surgery on a boy that was wounded in the West Bank after being shot. The boy was 15-years old. The doctors at an Israeli hospital saved the boy’s life, but the injuries from the gunshot were complicated to treat. The PCRF liaising with Dr. Saad flew the boy to the USA for him to perform the surgery. The boy’s condition according to Dr. Saad was dire since the gunshot hole resulted in the burning of his skin and complications eating.
He later performed surgery on a young girl who was born with her intestines exposed. Afterward, he helped perform a nerve transplant on a boy who had become paralyzed after a bomb being hit by a bomb. After performing the surgery on the boy with a gunshot injury in 2003, PCRF requested Dr. Saad to travel to Palestine and perform the operations locally. After his first visit to Palestine, his visits became more frequent, and they later turned into medical missions. He has had eight medical missions, where he has significantly made an impact to the society by availing his medical services to people who cannot afford them.
The main reasons Dr. Saad gives for traveling to Palestine include: providing the underprivileged with better health care services, passing down some of the skill has learned over the years to some of the young Palestine pediatricians and helping the Palestinian economy during his mission. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html


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