Doe Deere

Doe Deere:


Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. Doe Deere is very unique when it comes to her vision and the way she sees beauty. She is a strong believer that makeup is the way to express yourself, and that you should never apologize for who you really are. Doe Deere always had a vision to be able to provide make up to both girls and boys, so that they would be able to come out of their shelf and prove to be who they really were. She went ahead and followed her heart and she was able to launch Lime Crime in October of 2008 right before Halloween. After a year, the company started to show some growth and eventually launched a set of unicorn lipsticks that were a major hit. The unicorn lipsticks were very compatible with Doe because they match her unique, colorful personality. The lipsticks varied in a variety of unique, bright colors. The unicorn theme is the main theme in her company. It is the way she reaches and connects with the consumers. Not long after in 2012, she went ahead and launched her liquid lipsticks. These were also a major hit, and all of these new launches kept helping her grow her business, and most importantly, her dream.


Lime Crime is a company that wants to change the way people view makeup. They are constantly on the search for new trends and re not scared to try new things. They encourage and value costumers who are not afraid to try new things. For example, in their website they mentioned that they are happy to see that a blue colorful lipstick has become a go-to casual color. This is exactly what Doe always wanted to see. she did not want people to feel embarrassed or shy to try new lipstick colors, or new things in general. Another, great thing about Doe and her company, Lime Crime, is that this company is certified vegan and cruelty-free! This is something very important to consumers. Many people are advocates when it comes to animals and having cruelty-free makeup products, and the fact that Lime Crime supports this cause is another big reason why people love it.


Doe Deere is someone to look up to and admire. She worked hard and followed her dreams. She reached up for the stars and she has encouraged many people to be who they really are without the fear of being judged. That is something amazing. Learn more:

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