Dr. Mark Mofid’s Safety Practices in Gluteal Augmentation

Although Dr. Mark Mofid’s industry has had a history of negative headlines, he has finally started to change lives for the better. He is well known in the cosmetic medical community for a veriety of reasons.

Dr. Mark Mofid received his education from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. He also is recognized from many people who really knows what he is doing. He has earned his ability to be able to be called an industry innovator. He has a great reputation and always adhere to medical safety practices. The industry that he is in is called gluteal augmentation. In this industry, it is not an uncommon thing for patients to ask for larger implants. He does not focus on people paying more for their implants, however, he does focus on the safety of the patients. Therefore, he puts safety practices before anything. He has to make sure that the practices that he does is entirely safe.

Dr. Mark Mofid spends a lot of his time researching for better ways for things to be done even better than before. He uses a unique approach to innovation that is supported by science. He also carefully examines every detail, and he also thinks outside of the box. He truly has a great understanding of the body’s skin, fat, and muscle systems. This allows him to be put into a position as to where he is able to understand things differently.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been working for 8 years in the development of specific surgeries. He immediately recognized that there were plenty of opportunities for improvement. Dr. Mark Mofid wanted to reinvent things and not do things the way it has always been done.

The gluteal augmentation industry will continue to rise up and Dr. Mark Mofid is definitely the leader to lead the way. He will make it possible for surgeries to be performed more effectively than it has been ever before.

In an interview , he was asked what was the best advice that he had received as a physician. He stated, “Not to put the wagon before the horse. We started our practice in an 850 square foot, 2 exam room office and allowed for the natural growth of the practice to guide decisions such as whether to build the surgery center and add additional space or staff. This way, you don’t have to worry about an unsustainable overhead.”


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