Waiakea Water Real Deal Truth

Are you a bottled-water drinker? If you’re not, did you know that standard tap water can cause health problems? Yes, this is correct because tap water has a host of fillers in it. These fillers are designed to keep the water clean, but once ingested, the water can become hazardous for some people. Though tap water has its issues, it is a better solution than not drinking water at all. Are you aware of all the different bottled-water brands in society today. The list can literally go on and on for days. If you’re in search of a high-quality bottled-water brand, then look no further.


Some of the best tasting and beneficial water on earth comes from the Mauna Loa Volcano of Hawaii. This particular water goes through a completely different filtration process than its competitors. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is its name, and the brand was founded by Ryan Emmons. Emmons has retained much of the brand’s culture. Did you know that the name Mauna Loa means “long mountain?” This is very true because the actual volcano/mountain is 33,000 feet above sea level. Some interesting facts to know is that Mauna Loa can actually fill the Grand Canyon 18 times. Did you know that the Mauna Loa Volcano is the most active volcano on earth? Yes, this is also true, and the volcano is one of the tallest mountains on earth.


This area of the globe has rainfall nearly every other day. Some of the water is sourced from high-up in the mountains, and the water drains downhill through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. This volcanic rock is very porous, and it gives the water plenty of healthy minerals. Thanks to the inception of this spectacular brand, Ryan Emmons has been able to help the less fortunate by donating water and by installing water wells across the globe.






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