Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Pursuing Music Together as the Chainsmokers

Recently, the Chainsmokers launched their very awaited new song “Closer”, featuring the star-of-the-moment Hasley. Unlike their singles done in the past, in particular, ” Don’t Let Me Down ” and “Roses”, the celebrity features Andrew Taggart, who is Alex Pall’s partner, singing. Artists singing on their songs seems rather obvious, but for Alex and Taggart it’s somewhat divergent, and their contemporaries as DJs. The two typically depends on vocalists and songwriters to add the human element to the carefully crafted electronic soundscapes. The band aims at personalizing their dance music brand which goes handily with their goal of getting recognized as real artists with feelings and thoughts which is opposed to the faceless beat crafters who only stand behind the booth DJing.

While artists such as deadmau5 have themselves hidden behind earthshattering drops and thick synths, Taggart and Pall work to get known more and more daily. They weaver intimacy into the genre which is more often void and sterile of emotion that has the exception of a drug-like euphoria. The duo was interviewed about the new track, establishing their identity and the way they planned on evolving as their audiences grow.

Alex Pall said that he grew up as a DJ, which was his hobby. He did the job around New York City, and he had less of a career going on, which was more of a side hassle that he was passionate about. Alex said that he was working with the same manager he works with now, who later introduced him to Taggart. They met and immediately started working together. Drew moved from Maine, and Alex quit his job, and together they started pursuing music and DJing.

Andrew Taggart, commonly known as Drew, said that he was in college right before he met his partner Alex. Taggart was also interested in DJing just like Alex. He said that the manager’s kid hinted him about the Chainsmokers duo and that one of them was leaving, which left a gap that Alex wanted to be filled. He then took the bus from New York City and went to meet Alex, and the two started working together immediately.

Moreover, the duo believes that as the audience expands, they too need to keep pushing themselves. The pair has a firm belief that they will work hard to bring an exciting and new show. As the Chainsmokers move forward, they are putting on a festival, that is fundamentally a curated show, which deep at heart is what anyone’s show is.


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