Lacey and Larkin as advocates of human rights in Arizona

Joe Arpaio is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County who will be remembered for the worst treatment of immigrants in the United States. Immigrants who live in the county while he was serving his term were not lucky to have it easy. Undocumented immigrants were taken through hell. He would recommend their arrest and placement into concentration camps that had the worst living conditions for human beings.

Joe Arpaio ruled without the slightest respect for the law. As a Native American, he believed that anyone coming to the United States was interested in taking over the opportunities which were meant for the Americans.

What was surprising about Joe Arpaio is that he managed to defend his seat for six terms despite being one of the worst Sheriffs in the country. How did this happen? According to veteran journalist Michael Lacey, Arpaio used the war against immigration as a tool for reelection.

His views on immigration were appreciated by a huge number of conservatives who live in the county. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He was seen as the person protecting their interest, and this is how he managed to win the seat for 24 years. Joe Arpaio was determined to use the immigration card to keep himself in office, and it played out well until 2017 when he was ousted.

Even as he vacated the office, he had made another achievement. His friend Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States. The two had collaborated when they brought up the issue of the birth certificate of the former president Barack Obama. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They used this as a tool for political gain which finally propelled Trump to the White House. Joe Arpaio had vigorously campaigned for him. After President Trump was elected, Joe Arpaio was going through a court case where he was dealing with a contempt of court. The court had found him guilty, and he was due to be sentenced in October 2017.

Before the sentencing would be given, President Trump moved in and saved the day for the former Sheriff. He recommended that he be pardoned of all charges facing him.

This was the first pardon that he was giving after being elected to office and it was clearly a controversial one. However, for those who known the two before Trump joined office know that as people who believe in the same ideologies. They both agree that immigration is destroying America and should be curtailed as much as possible.

Joe Arpaio was the man behind the arrest of Michael and Jim. The arrest would late r prove costly tie the county after the two went to court and initiated a court case where they challenged the court for breaking the law an discriminating them. The courts ordered that the two be given a compensation of $3.75 million.

With this money, they started an organization known as the Frontera Fund which supports other organizations which are fighting for the rights of the minority in Arizona. So far, the foundation has supported many people in the state to escape the oppressive treatment by government agencies.


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