Michael Lacey, the genius mathematician

The field of mathematics has never been a strong point for many individuals. This can be traced to everyone who had to re-seat a math quiz due to low marks or go for extra classes on the kind advice from the math teacher that our parents were given.

But few individuals have excelled in the area and have gone on to make significant discoveries that have had meaningful impacts in the lives we live. Such an individual is Michael Lacey. His enthusiasm with numerals cannot be compared to anybody in our time, and most have referred to him as the modern age father of mathematics.

Born on September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey hails from a humble background and modest family that was like any other household in the 1950’s. His love for numbers was realized at an early age when teachers saw that he had a gift of understanding concepts that were ahead of his course material.

That was because most students his age were not funs of math apart from the fact that they could not drop the subject as it was compulsory for everyone. His passion for equations led him to excel in the area and in 1987 he graduated from the University of Illinois having attained a postgraduate degree under the wing of Walter Phillip who was the director then. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

His thesis focused on probability especially those found to deal with the area of Banach spaces. It did not stop there as it went on to provide a solution whose problem emanated from iterated logarithm under empirical characteristics.

The following years saw his genius mind focus in areas such as ergodic theory, probability and most notably in the realm of harmonic analysis. Postdoctoral positions that he held were in the Louisiana State University and the UNC which was situated at their Chapel Hill offices.

At the institution, Michael Lacey went on to provide evidence of the central limit theory being assisted by Walter Philipp. In the year 2004, he got the honor of receiving Guggenheim Fellowship that was as a result of his collaboration with Xiaochun Li.


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