Vinod Gupta’s Significant Contributions To The Indian Education Sector

Vinod Gupta is among the small group of Indians that have used their success to change the lives of less fortunate individuals. He grew up in a tiny village North of New Delhi. Vinod Gupta attended the Indian Institute of Technology for his degree in Agricultural engineering before moving on to the University of Nebraska for his masters in the same course.


After graduation, Gupta was commissioned to work as the marketing research analyst for Commodore Corporation post-matriculation. A few years into the company he had gained enough experience and started the American Business Information, an organization that helped businesses expand their horizons. It changed its name to InfoUSA and later the Infogroup before it was sold for 680 million.


Vinod Gupta is now in the Everest Group as a managing general partner and focuses on private equity assets and providing start-up capital for clients. Following his series of successes, Vinod has invested in making the lives of other people better. He has built schools in the most remote parts of India and as a strong Advocate of Women and Education, he tried to close the gender gap in education allowing more girls to receive a basic education like their male peers. He donated $1 million to facilitate the building of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a female-based institution that has enabled women to graduate with postgraduate degrees.


Having been through the Indian Institute of technology and excelled, Vinod Gupta gave back to the institution by donating $2 million to support the creation of a business school named after him and as an alumnus of the University of Nebraska has started a $500,000 fund for scholarships. He has donated over $50 million of his fortune to boost education and says that his motivation is seeing someone prosper from the endless opportunities he provided. Refer to This Article for more information.




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