Lime Crime Acquired by Tengram Capital Partners

Lime Crime is a very popular brand in the United States at the moment. The brand is setting the trend in the market, and it is always recommended to people because it is cruelty free and vibrant. People who prefer to use vegan products are always happy to purchase the products from the company because they are of great quality. The company was founded by Doe Deere, an influential modern woman who wanted to offer women more than the ordinary make up products. Doe Deere has been working as the chief executive of the brand, and she has been playing a huge role in the achievements registered by the organization in the competitive market. While most successful companies in the country are operated by men, Lime Crime is performing well under the leadership of a woman leader.

This year, Lime Crime announced that it was going to be operated under new management. The organization has announced to all its customers that it has been purchased by a leading privately owned organization called Tengram Capital Partners. The organization is not new in the American market. If you have been following, you will realize that Tengram Capital Partners focuses on branded retail and consumer companies. The institution will have a new chief executive officer. According to the news released by the company, Stacy Panagakis will get the prestigious position. Stacy was working as the general manager of a company called Fresh, and she is highly experienced in the management of popular brands. Her expertise will go a long way in ensuring that Lime Crime continues to impress all its customers who come from many parts of the country.

Under the new leadership and management, Lime Crime is expected to continue its operations and perform better because it will have all the funding needed. The leadership is also very experienced.


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