NGP VAN Brings a New Era to Canvassing

In the world of political campaigns, both parties are constantly trying to out maneuver the other in reaching voters. During the last election cycle, $6.4 billion was spent on picking up voters. Door-to-door canvassing has always been a most effective method to reaching potential voters, and this is almost entirely performed by volunteers. However, during tight elections, political campaigns have to be resourceful with which demographics to focus on. The company NGP VAN has developed new technology for political canvassing, and a recent article on Chronicle Week discusses how it works.


During recent election cycles, both parties have noticed diminishing numbers of independent voters. While at the same time, social media has grown exponentially. This presents challenges for canvassing voters as the environment is always shifting. There has been counting hours poured into how to effectively reach voters, and the results find that interacting with them within 2 months of the election will increase the odds they turn out. Finding the balance of getting their own base to the polls, in addition to swing voters, is the key for a successful canvassing campaign.

This is where NGP VAN comes into play. Their service is designed to collect voter information in mass and find target groups for canvassing efforts. This ensures time is being used efficiently, and resources are managed appropriately. The service also boosts its app component that allows for individuals to access the data on the go. NGP VAN is designed to create routes, organize information, and remain up to date on any changes all the same time. The app developers have even given back to the community by donating money to women’s organizations. They want to interact with the voters whom their voice will represent in the elections.


The election cycle comes and goes regularly but campaigns are working at all times to develops outreach plans. NGP VAN has developed an app with the newest technology to make it easier for the campaign to allocate resources. In the modern political landscape, carefully targeted areas are a much more effective means to reach voters. NGP VAN is proven to care about the community through its women’s charity donations. Their services will no doubt evolve political canvassing to the next level.


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