Gregory Aziz Of National Steel Car

Meet Gregory James Aziz, a businessman who runs the National Steel Car as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President. The company is one of the major railroad transportation car automotive and assembling firm across the world established in Hamilton, Ontario. After graduating from Ridley college, Gregory J Aziz majored in economics in the Western Ontario University. The individual grew up in London after being born on April 30, 1949, where he developed an interest in investing. Thus, he aspired to transform the world of the economy in the world as a whole. The leader is a family man and has a wife called Irene.


In 1971, Greg Aziz began working in the wholesale food business owned by his family. The business, Affiliate Foods, performed tremendously in the transportation of fresh food from Europe and Central and South America for more than 15 years as a Global importer. The company owned distribution points at all fresh food wholesale markets in the whole of the United States and Eastern Canada. Find Additional Information Here.


Gregory Aziz worked on numerous banking investments around New York. The investment allowed Gregory J Aziz to buy the Steel Car firm from Dofasco in 1994. The primary goal of purchasing the firm was to make it the principal railroad freight car manufacturer across North America. Through the leadership of Greg Aziz, the company manufacturing capacity increased from 3,500 to 12,000 cars every year from 1999.


Greg Aziz promotes human and capital investment, team building, and the company’s robust manufacturing capability. Through these strategic leadership skills, the number of employees increased from 600 to 3,000.


Today, through the general excellence in manufacturing and engineering and by building a lot of railroad car every year, National Steel Car leads in the new cars innovation across North America. The firm is the single North American certified railroad transportation car automotive and assembly company. The company received recertification severally and holds the honor for over 17 years under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz.


1National Steel Car aims to elevate the Hamilton community through promotion of Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and other charity organizations, and the United Way. The company does not forget to treat its workers by allowing the employees together with their family members to the firm’s Christmas events that occurs every year. Also, Gregory James Aziz and his family are the principal promoters of Canada’s major agricultural fair.


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