Decades of innovation for Fortress Investment Group

For the past twenty years, Fortress Investment Group has been dominating the investment and asset management industry. Since it was established in 1998, the company has been focusing on several areas like mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and investment on assets. The founders came together to form such a company because they realized when working together, they can achieve their goals. It would be easy for them to achieve success because they have experience in different sectors. They would combine the knowledge to boost the performance of the company and attract customers. Rob Kauffman, Nardone Randal, and Wes Edens are the brains behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group.

Before they came together to form a thriving entity, they had worked for successful corporations like Black Rock Financial, Lehman Brothers, UBS and Goldman Sachs. It is through working with such international organizations that they acquired great skills. For the years they worked for these companies, they had gained a lot of experience in their sectors. They came together with the idea to start a successful business. That is how Fortress Investment Group was born. The three principles had strategies also that they used to grow the company.

With these strategies, the company has been expanding and growing since it started. With the immense growth and expansion, it attracted customers, and today it has a large customer base. It focuses on private equity, capital vehicles and hedge funds among other areas. The investment market is highly competitive, but Fortress Investment Group has managed to stay relevant to their customers. They have been strong because the services offer are of excellent quality. They wanted to ensure they dominate the market and that is why they had several acquisitions.

Fortress is not only based in New York, but it has expanded its operations to cover the international market. The firm has been able to grow and reach the global market because of consistency in its performance. With some of the best leaders in the financial industry, Fortress will continue to expand and attract clients from different countries. Peter Briger is one of the leaders who have ensured consistent performance of the organization.


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