Graeme Holm is a well-known businessman from Australia. He holds a master’s in business administration and is a renowned broker in the country. He has a vast experience in the banking sector that spans over 17 years. It was while in the world of banking that he realized how desperate people needed some services from these banking institutions that were never available. He also noted that many clients were being shortlisted by a majority of these banks. It was these frustrations that led him, together with his wife and partner, to start Infinity Group Australia.


After spending six months carrying out market research and survey, Graeme Holm realized that there was a need by many Australian families to get advice, support, guidance and an array of services from financial institutions. These services include: mortgage broking, debt reduction, money management, financial coaching and planning, and property investment. Graeme made it his mission to see Infinity Group Australia fill this gap.


The company’s approach towards banking is quite different. They not only provide advice and guidance to their clients, but they also ensure that they assign personal bankers to their clients to help them pay off their loan as quickly as possible. Over and above all that, Infinity Group Australia also provides their clients with monthly reports that evaluate their performance. These reports also offer them a detailed review of their finances, and also helps the clients formulate and maintain budgets. Infinity Group Australia reviews have always been high because of its dedication to ensuring their clients get the best services.


It is obvious that the services offered by Infinity Group Australia are quite unconventional. For example, it is not many banks that will help their clients with their weekly cash budgets for an array of necessities such as travel expenses, entertainment, grocery and miscellaneous expenditure. But this is one type of support that clients from Infinity Group Australia savor. The company has made it quite clear that its doors are open to people from all walks of life.


Infinity Group Australia’s mission has been to ensure that their clients are able to go to work and spend more time with their family not having to worry about bills and debt. They teach their clients the value of them living within their means and how to make sound investments that will help them secure their future. It is this dedication that earned the company a nomination in the Optus Business Awards 2017 for its customer service experience. Learn more:



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