Drew Madden: Bringing Technology, Healthcare, and Patients Together

Drew Madden comes from the healthcare technology field. He is no stranger to the tasks that doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies face. Technology can help overcome these hurdles, but it needs a guiding voice. Drew Madden has shown his leadership. Previously, he worked for Nordic Consulting Partners, and he has won many recognitions and awards.

One area that could be significantly improved is advanced planning for end-of-life procedures. Insurance companies and Medicare have been spending a great deal of funds for treatment in a patient’s last few months. Currently, 21% of the Medicare budget is spent on a person’s end-of-life treatment and care. Patience should never give up their choices when it comes to end-of-life treatment, but they also can be informed of what their decisions entail. Often the treatment includes medications, breathing ventilators, and IV fluids. The elderly population can make some choices early on and share these with their family and physicians. Assistance could be in place that allows them to access documents for final planning. Currently, some programs available are MyDirectives and Everplans.

Another problem a medical facility may encounter is keeping track of health records. A patient supplies test samples, and they are collected in a database, but frequently, these are not bundled into any comprehensive data. The technology exists that could compile a patient’s medical information, and it could summarize the data in a detailed report for the physician. This data could include things like a patient’s blood test, blood pressure readings, and other routine tests. The tracking systems exist, and the insurance companies will pay to have the data transformed. When put into place, the information saves time and increases patient adherence. A technology company that is working in the field already is Noteworth.

The emergency system for transporting patients by ambulance is expensive. In an emergency, many people dial 911. The person may not need an ambulance, and there is technology that can help determine when an emergency room visit is necessary or when treatment can be provided at the scene. An app can be used to stream video and provide pictures to the ER staff. This could be an extremely cost-effective way to handle different levels of emergencies.

Drew Madden continues to provide engineering and technology leadership to create new systems and perfect the current ones. Madden earned a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa with a focus on systems in the medical field.


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