How Dr. Mark McKenna Quit Medicine to Become an Entrepreneur

For many professionals, one of the most significant challenges is successfully shifting from the current field to a new one. It is one decision filled with tremendous uncertainties as well as risks. Most people would back off from such transitions since they come with a lot of compromising situations. The career shift becomes more difficult for medical professionals since they have invested most of their time and life in acquiring education. But, there is a clique of medical professionals that have successfully managed to shift from working as medical practitioners to venturing into medicine. One such person is Dr. Mark McKenna.

Who is Mark McKenna?

McKenna is a prominent medical doctor with vast experience in his field of study. He is an alumnus of the Tulane University of Medical School where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine as well as health. Apart from that, he is a practicing surgeon as well as a medical practitioner. After school, he joined the medical practicing industry for a few months where he worked with his father in a family owned facility. But, he had a passion for business; therefore, he decided to quit medicine and start a business venture. Dr. Mark McKenna formed a real estate company called McKenna Venture Investments. He later increased the portfolio of the firm by adding Uptown Title Inc in addition to Universal Mortgage Lending. Both firms operated in New Orleans.

Growth and Development

In both firms, the employee base increased within a few months of operation. Nevertheless, there were challenges after Hurricane Katrina hit the city. Dr. Mark McKenna lost most of his property. He was devastated because he had invested millions in the business. That did not deter him from bouncing back to greatness as within a few months he started a new venture. This time, he moved to Atlanta and started ShapeMed. This is a wellness and fitness center that helped people to live healthier lives. McKenna later formed OVME, and this is his current success story as the aesthetic medicine company offers a broad spectrum of skin care services to help improve client’s skin. McKenna prides himself in daring to make a massive transition from medicine to entrepreneurship.


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