Eric Lefkofsky Turns His Experience To Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman, billionaire, and philanthropist who has been involved in several major brands. One of his most recent business and philanthropy ventures is Tempus. Tempus is a biotechnology company that aims to increase the data available to cancer doctors and researchers. The company is in the process of creating the largest library of clinical data. Eric Lefkofsky plans to use his tech knowledge to make this data easy to utilize and access.

Eric Lefkofsky was motivated to create Tempus due to the lack of data available to cancer researchers. There are currently seventeen million Americans living with cancer. Despite this, the largest public database of molecular cancer data only has twenty thousand patient records. Eric Lefkofsky saw this as a far too small of a database for a disease that has effected most Americans. Eric Lefkofsky believes that this larger database will be able to assist current treatment methods and future research. This larger database will allow doctors to sequence cancer in order to find out exactly what kind of cancer they have.

This allows doctors to make a specific treatment plan for the patient. This sequencing and customization process has resulted in major advances in patient outcomes. Tempus is a taking a new look at understanding cancer. It is using experienced software engineers to create a platform that makes the data easy to access, understand, and that allows doctors to easily understand the data. It is also using doctors who can help the software engineers create a library that is specifically designed for doctors. In addition, these doctors are working to find better treatment options with the data they have already gathered.


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