Jamaica May Be A New Outsourcing Market For IT Service Firms According To Paul Herdsman

Jamaica probably isn’t the first place you would think of when looking for a place to send customer service solutions or remote help desk support for your company. But their workforce is quite gifted with handling IT solutions and quality assurance issues, and that’s why Paul Herdsman decided to bring his company, NICE Global to Montego Bay on the Island’s coast.


Herdsman had already been doing great work in outsourced services and has traveled around the globe consulting and overseeing management of different customer service branches of companies, but he decided to bring that same job market back to his native country to help its economy.


Paul Herdsman said he understood why many companies invested in outsourced customer service operations in countries like India and the Philippines, but he felt they had overlooked the Caribbean markets which could still offer them cost savings. He mentioned that setting up operations in Jamaica meant lower travel costs and was a place that understood American culture and business needs much better than other markets.


NICE Global is short for Nearshore Inbound Call Experts, and the facility it is housed in has had high-tech infrastructure installed there and offers advanced training programs to make sure employees are ready to tackle client needs.


But NICE Global isn’t merely an acronym; it is a true manifestation of the culture of what Paul Herdsman has brought to it. Employees are treated as family and given opportunities to increase their pay, enroll in health insurance, and are even provided free lunches and transportation when needed. Herdsman says he can keep the company running on track because he likes to keep his schedule as condensed as possible with more time focused on helping the people that matter and less time spent in pointless meetings. Go To This Page for related information.


Paul Herdsman is proud to call the company’s employees family, though he also spends a great deal of time with his own.


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