Dr. Chris Brummer: Exclusive Interview

Dr. Chris Brummer works as a law professor at Georgetown’s College of International Economic Law. He joined the institute in 2000, but before that, he worked at Vanderbilt Law College as an assistant professor and has also been attending other leading universities as a visiting professor including the London Faculty of Economics. 

Apart from his involvement in financial regulation initiatives and working as a professor, Dr. Chris Brummer is a Subcommittee member of a trading commission on virtual currencies. Dr. Chris Brummer is also a consultant for the European Securities among other organizations. 

Dr. Chris’ three-year tenure as a member of FINRA’s National Adjudicatory Council, an institution powered by Congress to manage the securities sector, and he was hailed for making a unique contribution to better investor protection.

Dr. Chris Brummer attended Columbia Law College and earned a J.D. and graduated with honors. He later went to the University of Chicago and studied Germanic Studies, and now has a Ph.D. Dr. Chris Brummer first practiced law in London and New York working for a company called Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP. Later, he transferred to the Milken Instituted with offices in Washington in 2011. 

A year later, he received an award at the Atlantic Council and started the Transatlantic Finance Initiative. Dr. Chris Brummer is an editor and author of many books and has also contributed to some financial publications, reports, and analyses throughout his career.

The Fintech Week idea emanated from creating an intense forum addressing the fintech policy in the capitol. This event gathers leaders from different fields to facilitate conversation between individuals in the financial industry and others in the regulatory community. 

The idea is to forge connections with the attendees like entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and nonprofits, and also to foster honest, action-oriented, and meaningful policy dialogue. On arriving in the office, Dr. Chris Brummer first answers all the queries and emails from the market participants and global regulators and consulting the Georgetown teaching responsibilities.