Early Life, Education, and Entrepreneurial Achievements of Haroldo Jacobovicz

Jacobovicz is a renowned entrepreneur in the information technology sector in his country of origin: Brazil. His entire life revolves around Brazil: Birth, Education, and entrepreneurship. Though Haroldo Jacobovicz studied a course he barely practices, he has no regrets since it was out of his will.

Developing an interest in the professional career of your parents is expected since they are the people you spent much time with while growing up, and Haroldo did not escape this. He is born in a family of two civil engineers who had exceptional talent in their field. Developing structures from scratch inspired Jacobovicz, who later joined the Federal University of Parana, enrolling for a similar course like that of his parents.

Amid his four and half years in the university, a passion for emerging information technology found its way to Haroldo Jacobovicz. Being a smart kid, he continued with his civil engineering course but used his free time to read anything about the future of technology. He shared this idea with his two friends from the IT department during that period, forming Microsystem, a technological Corporation. The firm offered small enterprises with inventory management software and others but did not last for long since it targeted a market that wasn’t in much need of automation.

This experience laid a good foundation for the future investments of Haroldo Jacobovicz. After quitting his job at Esso, currently known as Exxon Mobil, he capitalized on his passion for information technology. In this space of Telecom, Haroldo owns three successful companies whose services are tailored towards developed corporations. Before turning ideas into investments, Haroldo Jacobovicz seeks opinions from experts in that field. As an entrepreneur, he is eyeing on fully emulating the monthly fee model of Morris-West since it’s very beneficial as long as he ensures what is consumed is always quality. Reading continuously about any developments in his field has helped Haroldo be more productive.

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