An Insight Into James Dondero Entrepreneurship And Leadership Brilliance

James Dondero started showing signs that he was set for great success early on in his life. He attended the McIntire School of Commerce at the renowned University of Virginia, where he graduated with the highest honors for dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He would then move on to pursue CPA, CFA, and CMA certifications. These superior academic qualifications set him on a path to great success. Today, James Dondero is celebrated as one of the most accomplished credit and equity markets gurus.

Becoming a Celebrated Entrepreneur

In 1985, James Dondero joined American Express through its Morgan Guaranty training program to become a Corporate Bond Analyst. After some time, he was promoted to the Portfolio Manager position but left the firm in 1989 to join Protective Life for the position of Chief Investment Officer till 1993.

As the CIO of Protective Life, he led the firm to launched its GIC subsidiary and oversaw its skyrocketing to achieve a $2 billion valuation. It was while at American Express that this credit and equity markets gurus co-founded Highland Capital Management. When he left Protective life in 1993, he went on to become the firm’s President.

Exemplary Leadership Brilliance

By the time James Dondero become the President of Highland Capital Management, he had sufficient experience leading start-ups to extraordinary success. He led this firm to forge a name for itself as an industry-leading investment advisory provider. HCM trailblazing the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market was his doing and was the firm offering individual and institutional investors credit-oriented investment solutions.

Jim Dondero has also overseen the firm’s expansion to offer separate institutional accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and REITs. In 2012, he went on to launch the alternative investment firm NexPoint Group. Leveraging his leadership expertise and brilliance, the firm is now a notable investor in closed-end funds, RIETS, interval funds, among other real estate-oriented solutions. See this page for additional information.


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