Planned Parenthood's Boss Woman, Laura McQuade

Laura McQuade is a multi-visionary leader who has held various positions as the CEO, CFO, and COO. Through the years, she has proven a good track record in transforming and revolutionizing the institutions she has worked in. the most recent development of hers has revolutionized the health sector.

Laura McQuade has specialized in many areas within the health sector. The areas of specialization include healthcare operation and management, insurance programs and healthcare programs, multi-state policy, regulation and compliance, telehealth, developing multi-state and clinically intergraded networks.

McQuade’s areas of interest revolve around women and reproductive health, animals, healthcare management and access, strategic consulting, and healthcare start-up. Laura McQuade has six honors and awards, such as attaining position 46 in the City and State New York: The 2019 Women Power 100 and City & State New York: The Healthcare Power 50, where she was ranked number ten.

The current plan for Laura McQuade is advocating for a merger between the states to provide comprehensive healthcare for New York dwellers. The union enables Planned Parenthood to open more health facilities within the states and access services in any of the centers.

Planned Parenthood intends to open about twenty-eight centers, employ about nine hundred workers, and have approximately two hundred thousand patients visiting the centers annually. The budgeted money to enable the commencing of the services is ten million dollars for the first year of operation. The merger will also promote sexual and reproductive health by opening more doors for the services.

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