Laura McQuade Shows That Power and Strategy Often Need To Come Together for Effective Action

What makes an altruistic effort successful? Is there an element that can ensure our efforts to help each other will succeed? We might be able to find an answer to that question by looking at the life and achievements of Laura McQuade. She’s a striking figure who some have named one of the most powerful women in New York. And she has a strong claim to that title. After all, she’s working with a budget of $110 million to unify Planned Parenthood under a singular banner in New York.

The affiliates will stand united under the title of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. By combining all of these existing systems into a singular whole the organization will greatly expand its range. Over 900 employees will work within the 28 separate health centers. And this is another area where we can see a central component of success in the more altruistic areas of the world.

Planned Parenthood of Great New York has a lot of potential. But it’s not always easy to maneuver that many moving pieces at the same time. Even working with 28 different health centers is a difficult proposition. But working with them while also working to ensure healthcare for people with difficult issues can be a whole other thing. McQuade brings something important to the table though. She also has extensive experience working with various different organizations. She knows what it takes to form links with other organizations and how to leverage facilities to make a solid change in the world. And this is why people can be certain that her work with Planned Parenthood will create some wonderful opportunities for people in need.

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