The Financial Success Story of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

A pair of sunglasses might not seem to make much of a financial impact, but Hawkers will prove you wrong. They sold millions of sunglasses at reasonable prices with incredible margins, and their story is inspiring to listen to. When Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stepped in with a basket full of ideas, the tactics and branding that followed put the company on another level. Four friends struggling with financial issues approached him and requested that he manages the company’s finances. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is now the current president of Hawkers Co.

Hawkers’ success was brought about by good marketing. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez used one of the best tactics in social media. He would get trendy fashion stars who already loved the sunglasses, partner with them and offer a few incentives. This idea got the stars sharing their favorite sunglasses styles with their friends, which brought massive profits to the company.

The founders wanted to start manufacturing their glasses. They also wished to expand in different markets, but it wasn’t easy scaling their resources. With his tremendous experience with various businesses, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez integrated savvy media strategies with more transparency in customer service. This strategy encouraged more goodwill as well as the company’s return business.

Hawkers’ next initiative has made Alejandro Betancourt Lopez a proud man. It is an “environmentally friendly line of sunglasses.” this is a perfect product made using responsible materials and sustainable packaging. It will no doubt be a massive success for the company. The future is bright for hawkers as he is always on the lookout for emerging opportunities spotted by few others. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.