Jogging tips from Michael Capiraso

Michael Capiraso has realized that the JoggingBuddy platform is worth supporting. He is motivated and determined to promote jogging, running, and walking with a unique peer support group that is helping the world stay healthy and healthy.

Tony Piedade, founder, and CEO of is very happy that Michael is part of the team. He has a wealth of experience, knowledge and Is determined on helping millions of people around the world make friends and stay healthy. Here are some Jogging tips from Michael Capiraso. Avoid eating before running. Drink a glass or two of water to stay hydrated. Stretching, jumping, and other light exercises should be done 5-10 minutes before running. This will relax and relax tight muscles and reduce risk. Trauma, injury.

Start with a brisk walk, then jog gently for a few minutes. You can also do some warm-up exercises. Always end your workout with 5 minutes of jogging or walking to cool down. With cooling, you can determine your heart rate and blood pressure. decreasing gradually. But in general, a combination of walking and running is good, and of course, you will still become a “runner“. The information in this offer can help you decide where to start and/or the type of exercise that is best for you. Michael’s last tip is to use

Achieve your goals faster with your training partner

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Secondly, when we choose to sculpt, many people give up, which is difficult! It is difficult to spare time in a busy schedule, so we believe in the power of the group. All you need is a pair of sneakers and sportswear! join us! It’s time to make friends!

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