Overcoming Tough Times to Help Others – Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford is located in London and is a known philanthropist and businessman. He is the owner and founder of K4 Global, which is a marketing firm of many ways. Joseph Ashford also founded The Butterfly Foundation, which aims at helping children with epidermolysis bullosa.

Early on in Joseph’s life he lost a majority of him family, including parents, all at the same time. Rather than letting this get him down, he used these moments to learn from his life. He tried his hand at many different industries, which gave him the chance to try many different financial strategies. Even though he had many of these firsthand experiences, Joseph found what made him really happy was helping others.


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Joseph Ashford opened up K4 Global in London in January 2014. K4 Global works in the financial sectors of service, technology, property and media. They find people who have the drive and passion about these sectors. By finding people who have those two pieces, it allows the business to move forward. K4 Global has one of the most steadfast company cultures. All employees have the same beliefs, goals, practices and values, which is part of why the company is so successful and more

Joseph Ashford founded the Butterfly Foundation after learning about a child named Mason White. Mason was diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa. This is a rare genetic disorder, that creates a lack of proteins within the skin that make the skin very fragile. With this disease, even the smallest friction on the skin can create huge blisters. Later on in life it allows for a higher chance for getting cancer. The Butterfly Foundation helps families financially, education and social support. This helps improve the quality of life for these children and for more [email protected]How Will Entrepreneurs Market Themselves in 2021? Joseph Ashford Shares His Insights