Online Digital Forex Education – IM Academy

IM Academy is a training platform for forex trading. It was founded by forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre together with independent entrepreneurs. The vision for IM Academy was to provide easy and accessible online forex trading education.

The training would help those interested in acquiring skills to better their trading. IM Academy has since grown and now has approximately 225000 registered users. Additionally, it has a corporate model, which allows it to operate efficiently without any interruptions.

IM Academy offers training to its customers in the form of modules. Students watch pre-recorded videos, attend “GoLive” sessions on a given subject and take a quiz. The student must successfully pass the quiz to proceed to the next module.

The live sessions, which are available in 13 languages, allow students to engage with their trainers. This enhances accessibility to more students at different time zones. During the live sessions, a student can ask questions and join discussions.

With an active subscription, students enjoy unlimited access to IM Academy materials. However, there are recorded videos and learning materials accessible even after canceling the subscription.

IM Academy offers its training in four academies: FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. In addition, IM Academy also offers Elite Academy, which is a discounted package where learners access all four packages. This package also provides substantial savings to students. IM Academy also offers an optional add-on for students interested in specialized areas.

Additionally, IM Academy operates as a multi-level marketing network, meaning that the academy sells its products through independent sales representatives. This IRS acts as IBOs, not as employees of the IM Academy, and receive their payment through commissions made on their product sales. An agreement is made with IBOs to ensure they abide by the policies and procedures of IM Academy. Visit this page for additional information.


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