Dick DeVos: Setting the Stage for a Bright Future

Dick DeVos, a well-accomplished entrepreneur, continues to set new standards in business and education. Despite receiving criticism from peers, he’s focused on raising the bar. Some feel Mr. DeVos is making a difference in the world.


Mr. DeVos, the proud husband of Betsy DeVos, comes from wealthy family. His family’s wealth and connections opened doors for the couple.


The ambitious couple believes children should not be limited to a public education. This is the primary reason why they started the Great Lakes Education Project. This esteemed pro-choice school advocacy gives children the opportunity to get a quality education.


According to Mr. DeVos, public schools are not putting our children in position to succeed. The couple fought hard against a proposal that would have allowed their local commission to make important decisions about opening schools in their area.


It’s critical to point out that Mr. DeVos is a talented pilot. This inspired him to start the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Students are not required to pay tuition to attend, so this gives young people an opportunity to learn more about aviation.


Mr. DeVos and his wife funneled more than $7 million dollars to the academy. This proves they are willing to put their hard-earned money behind their passion.


Besides starting an aviation academy, Mr. DeVos put the Grand Rapids Airport on center stage. He knew the airport was equipped to handle more flights. Expanding the flight schedule would create more jobs and increase the airport’s bottom line.


His dream came true when two major airlines accepted his proposal.


Besides being a champion for charter schools, Mr. DeVos has a seat on the top civilian panel that works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration.


The board members have quarterly meetings with the FAA. It’s important to mention that board members as not paid. They are volunteers.