American Reporter Asks Laura Rea Dickey Six Questions

In an article published on the AmericanReporter website, author Jennifer Ross shares her interview with Laura Rea Dickey. She is the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Inc. Ross asks the restaurant executive six questions.

The first question helps provide context as to how the CEO got involved with Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. Laura Rae explains that the restaurant belonged to her husband’s family. They needed marketing know-how, and she had led marketing efforts with other restaurants.

Next, Ross inquires as to how Dickey became the CEO. Dickey says that she had been given the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this capacity, Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth started using cutting-edge technologies, which benefited the company, and her work became more suited for a CEO.

The third question highlights Dickey’s focus on technology and innovation. She explains that to cut through a saturated market and meet specific goals, the company had to utilize various technologies. She adds that the focus on technology is imperative for their restaurants and also, their corporate office.

Jennifer Ross then seeks to figure out how Dickey sees her ideas through. Dickey says that she doesn’t just use her laptop. She also utilizes dry erase boards and notebooks. She tries to work backwards, too, which she believes helps her better outline and write.

The fifth covered topic dives into how the CEO uses data to realize change. Laura Rea Dickey explains that’s it’s very important to listen to customers. She points to a change in the size of their menus. With larger menu sizing, in just 45 days, sales rose four percent.

Finally, the author asks Dickey about technologies, which excite her. Laura Rae points out her love for Instagram and how the platform has benefited her company. She highlights how during the coronavirus pandemic; Instagram has been even more useful. Refer to this article, for additional information.


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