PosiGen Turned Disaster Into National, Successful Solar Energy Program

It was one of the worst disasters in American history. Born from it, however, was a new kind of solar power company that helped the people that needed it most. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, the mass devastation left behind produced an unprecedented response from the U.S. government. More than 16 different recovery programs were launched. Unfortunately, low-income people and homeowners were largely frozen out of the assistance. That prompted the creation of PosiGen. Its founders sought to develop a way for low-income people to rebuild and repair their homes while upgrading their dwellings to include solar energy at the same time.


The fundamental idea behind PosiGen was to create a model based on future energy savings. The firm put together an innovative leasing program that allowed a homeowner to install rooftop solar panels with no upfront costs. The solar system from PosiGen reduces the monthly utility bill of the ratepayer by $50, $100 or more per month. That money is used to pay for the solar upgrade. 


At PosiGen solar power company, they also have cash leftover –- more than they would have if they were paying traditional energy bills. The PosiGen solar power company´s system has proven to be remarkably successful in every state they are already present in. The company has so far fitted more than 14,000 homes with solar energy generating systems. It uses a system called net metering to send solar energy back into the energy grid –- and homeowners get paid for every kilowatt of energy their systems generate. PosiGen continues to help low-income and moderate-income homeowners today save money on energy bills and support a clean global environment.

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