Tim Murawski, COO and President at Augmedics

Tim Murawski is an experienced professional in biotechnology and a great business leader. He serves as the COO and president of Augmedics, a Chicago-based company manufacturing medical devices to introduce AR technology to spinal surgery. Tim Murawski has held these positions since June 2019. Tim Murawski has worked in the medical technology sector for almost 30 years. Before joining Augmedics, Tim worked for Mazor Robotics, an Israel-based company manufacturing medical devices, for ten years. 


At Mazor Robotics company, Tim Murawski began as the regional sales director and then became the regional account manager. In 2016, he advanced to the deputy president of the United States Accounts. In 2017, successful entrepreneur Tim Murawski became deputy president of international renaissance business, his last role at Mazor Robotics firm. Throughout his tenure, he significantly contributed to the company’s growth before Medtronic acquired it in 2018. Tim Murawski’s career started at a research and development department facility where he worked in the purchasing department of an established organization. Nonetheless, his passion for sales made him join Baxter International Inc., where he became the IV department’s sales manager. 


Here, he sold the corporations’ needleless IV products used by medical practitioners treating HIV/AIDS in the 1990s. In 1996, Murawski established General Surgical Innovations, his first company, in Cupertino, California. He started as the regional sales director but later advanced to West Region’s sales manager at General Surgical Innovations. Throughout his career, Tim Murawski has made a significant contribution to the surgical robotics sector. He has worked for various companies, including Intuitive Surgical and Hansen Medical, where he held various positions and developed a reputation as a great leader. Tim Murawski grew up in Chicago. He spends his free time with family, skiing, playing tennis, or working in his yard. 

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