ZeroAvia Is Making Zero Carbon Commercial Flights A Reality

One of the most difficult challenges that has faced has been how to make airplane travel that uses a propulsion system that gives off no carbon. To put it differently, making airplanes that do not burn fossil fuels and instead achieve a carbon free flight has been very hard but recent strides have been made by ZeroAvia. This company is based in the UK and the United States and has made it their mission to create zero emissions flight a reality (Facebook). 




They have created a new powertrain that uses a hydrogen electric engine to power it. Not only have they got the engine and the fuel source to power it but they have also secured an additional $13 million in funding as well as expanding to tests on a new 19 seat passenger aircraft that will be capable of transporting occupants up to five hundred miles per trip. This new project at ZeroAvia is after having established the project’s overall possibility by flying a smaller craft, a six seat aircraft, successfully through three different technical tests. These tests have proven not only the basic idea is possible but also that the first milestone goal in 2024 is entirely possible. 


The HyFlyer II is the new project, the 19 seat craft, that will undergo the same grueling testing phases required for safety before striving to achieve commercial flights available in just a few years. The CEO and Founder, Val Miftakhov has expressed his eagerness to not only achieve the company’s research and development goals but to also then be able to make the steps needed to begin providing avenues to significantly reduce the carbon footprint caused by the airline industry as it currently operates. One of the highlights of ZeroAvia’s goals is to be able to easily integrate their new power trains and aircraft into existing infrastructure which would allow for a smoother transition to this new way as times change can be difficult. 

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