Covering Topics Considered to be Tough, Simon Denyer Can Keep Up With The Best of Them

Journalist and author, Simon Denyer, British born reporter is known for his Washington Post reports. Simon was previously based out of Beijing, China. He served as the Asia bureau chief section of the paper. He has previously worked for The Financial Times along with Reuters. Simon is well known for the articles he writes that showcase his journalistic expertise. Previous topics he has covered include the economic crisis within South Korea and Japan, the missile tests out of North Korea along with the Communist Party rule within China. Simon Denyer, graduate from the University College London, along with Yale and Harvard as well as the Cambridge University. Known for his accomplishments as a former scholar within the three universities. Currently working for The Washington Post, Simon is currently staying busy writing.

Simon has recently written articles that center around the Olympic costs which left Japanese taxpayers excluded from the games but left them able to view the bills accumulated from the events. As soon as the Tokyo Olympics ended, the amount of social media posts within Japan showcased photos and videos of the Olympic Committee’s president, Thomas Bach. In the latest video’s and posts, Thomas is said to be seen shopping in Ginza, the district in Tokyo known for its shopping. Another popular article was written recently included the high number of coronavirus cases recently in Japan. The high number of cases has placed a burden on the hospital system even with the number of vaccines being put out. Even though the number of vaccines is rising, the unsuccessful efforts respected and put out by the government, it has been difficult to contain the latest spread of the more potent virus known as Delta. Simon Denyer is known for touching base on topics that most are unwilling to cover. Covering topics that are known as controversial is what Simon is best known for.