How Cloud Inventory Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to your inventory, it’s crucial to have visibility into its actual state, authenticity, and location in real-time. That’s why Cloud Inventory offers companies like yours the ability to manage inventory and related tasks to boost visibility, increase inventory turns, minimize costs and improve productivity.

Why Use Cloud Inventory

As we all know, the future warehouse goes beyond walls, and Cloud Inventory is ahead of that. It’s a disruptive technology solution giving you the power to track your inventory, assets, consignment equipment, and tools. What’s more, you can do this in real-time outside the warehouse, both online and offline.

DSI’s solution is designed on a flexible, low-code/no-code program. Therefore, you can easily integrate supply chain-related tasks as your business evolves.

Furthermore, the tech solution provides a robust standard application to cater to your warehousing and manufacturing Inventory needs. Not leaving out the insight dashboard to track and improve supply chain performance.

DSI’s Field Inventory Management Solutions

DSI also provides Field Inventory solutions with the Salesforce customer relations platform. So, if you are a Salesforce user, you can implement the tech solution to integrate field-collected data on the inventory and equipment associated with service work orders and tickets in the field.

Field Inventory Management enables you to determine the real-time state and location of equipment and inventory in the field.

Benefits of using Field Catalogue Management services

The tech solution will enable you to:

Determine the state, location, and authenticity of your Inventory

Control your inventory within and beyond the four walls of your warehouse

Manage project equipment, merchandise, and valuable assets in the field

Give your business a custody chain to know where your inventory is, anytime, anywhere

Moreover, it offers multiple language support, pre-built ERP integrations, fast data inventory models, and quick implementation. The user interface is also easy to adopt. See this page for amazing reviews about them.


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