Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller Enter NFT Space

Ryan Kavanaugh Believes That NFTs Are The Next Logical Step For The Entertainment Industry

TrillerNet, co-owned by Ryan Kavanaugh and Bobby Sarevesh, is reinventing combat sports with their Triller Fight Club. The Triller Fight Club is targeting a younger audience by combining boxing, MMA, and music.

Ryan Kavanaugh is not limiting his company to fights and social media. Triller has jumped into the NFT(non-fungible tokens)market. Though NFTs have been around for nearly ten years, it has recently exploded thanks to many big-name celebrities getting into the game. Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, made $2.5 million from selling an NFT of his first tweet. Hollywood producers promise the release of NFTs with upcoming movies.

Wall Street has even gotten into the action. They are comparing investing in NFTs to investing in fine art. The difference is that NFTs are easier to store for the fact that they are digital. One positive attribute to collecting NFTs is because of blockchain technology; they are verifiable.

TrillerNet’s collection of NFTs represents the company’s commitment to technological advancement. The company’s app uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology. The technology amplifies the user experience. A user can shoot a variety of video clips. Instead of stitching the clips together themselves, the AI technology within the app edits the video for the user.

Ryan Kavanaugh believes that NFTs are the next natural step for the entertainment industry. The entertainment is always looking towards the next big thing, and NFTs are it. Kavanaugh’s Triller Fight Club has provided a year’s worth of memories with more on the horizon. Most of those memories are in his NFT collection.