Why Every Aspiring Pilot Should Consider Training At AAG, A Company Founded by Bhanu Choudhrie

Anyone aspiring to become a pilot may have many questions on which aviation training center to consider for the course. Many considerations are outlaid, and the training institution that matches the trainee interests wins by the end of the day. Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), founded by Bhanu Choudhrie, is an excellent example of the aviation training center that will help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot.

Founded in 2006 and with the adverse knowledge of innovation in technology possessed by Bhanu Choudhrie, AAG offers simulation training to its clients. Initially, Choudhrie’s goal was to build a training center for pilots to provide quality services at affordable rates. In addition, Bhanu Choudhrie had done thorough research on the other airline companies and realized that majority had inadequate resources.

To stand out, Bhanu Choudhrie adopted simulation in training. Alpha Aviation Group quality courses have ranked the company as one of the first solutions to give accredited Multi Pilot Licensing. The company’s modern training methods, simulators, have yielded tremendous positive results compared to the airlines clinging to traditional training.

AAG training mechanism reduces the consumption of time. Minimal time usage implies that a program that could consume 230 hours under traditional training can take 70 hours to complete. The consumption of fewer hours has sped up program coverage at convenient times, creating a vacancy to hold two or more programs. In addition, simulation training enhances security for new pilots.

Unlike in the old training approach, where trainees first undergo through small planes for beginner classes which imposes higher risks such as accidents, in AAG, the situation is different. AAG has enhanced that learner get into real-life learning. The modern training creates a real-life scenario that gives the trainee flying experience of what they will expect in the future, and the methods guarantee security.

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